Leigh-on-Sea Cricket Club - Risk Assessment

Facility risk assessment

What are the hazards?

Transmission of COVID-19

Who might be harmed?

Club Members, volunteers, opposition players and guests and the local community


Controls required

Action Taken by the Club

People Management and Communication


Self-screening of individuals before they arrive at the venue to ensure individuals displaying COVID-19 symptoms or those who should be shielding do not travel or attend.

We will communicate via social media (Team App), Club website and newsletter to all Youth, Senior and Patron Club members of the requirements to adhere to the ECB and National Health England guidance on Covid-19 symptoms and to remind individuals to withdraw from participation and to self-isolate immediately if any of the Covid-19 symptoms are displayed.


An assessment of user numbers, space capacities, venue circulation and layout planning to maintain social distancing.

A full assessment of the Club facilities has been completed and a trial opening completed on Saturday 11th July. A full one-way system utilising separate entrance and exit facilities was in operation. Additional signage requirements were identified prior to full opening of the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse will be used solely for the purchase of the beverages via the Bar with social distancing queuing arrangements in place and all consumption of beverages will be outside the Clubhouse in the outdoor Club area. Toilet access is segregated and operates on a one in one out basis with separate entrances for male and female toilets.

All members are aware of the social distancing requirements and signage covers this. The Bar will operate on a limited opening hours timetable for members only and opposition guests where appropriate. A full written register will be maintained and retained for 21 days for all attendees.

The Club’s Executive will continually review and implement any remedial action where identified.

A hard copy of the sketch plan, showing the Clubhouse ground floor internal circulation and layout, can be downloaded and printed by  clicking on the item below
                                              <COVID Clubhouse Plan.pdf>


A plan for where parents and players will sit whilst watching cricket activities.

All spectators and parents have been requested to bring their own seating and chairs, as part of match instructions sent via social media. All spectators have been reminded of the social distancing requirements in Club communications. A limited number of plastic Club chairs and tables will be placed outside in maximum groups of 6 with social distancing requirements met. All tables and chairs will be regularly sanitised once vacated and at the close of business.


Signage and communication so that all participants and visitors are aware of the control measures in place and how to act appropriately to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

Full signage has been placed throughout the Clubhouse and a “signage map” will be put on social media. Signage is constantly being reviewed and an update has been completed today.


Staff and volunteer training to support the implementation of the plan, with suitable training records.

The Club Executive have met regularly with documented minutes of meetings and an on-site review has been completed with all relevant volunteers. We have no paid staff and the Bar Manager is responsible for all Bar activities. Youth and Senior Cricket Managers are part of the “Project Restart” Executive and have been involved in all decision making.



Assess ventilation in your building (natural and mechanical) and take appropriate measures to maximise ventilation and minimise risk of transmission.

Whilst the Clubhouse is open, all windows and doors are to remain open and wedges have been provided to increase natural ventilation. All Bar shutters will be opened to ensure full ventilation to the Bar area and there is a limit of one person to be behind the Bar at any one time to minimise possible transmission of the infection.



Assess the maximum occupancy of your rooms at 2m social distancing (or 1m with risk mitigation where 2m is not possible) and establish a suitable circulation system/one-way system. Use signage and floor markings to communicate this.

As identified above, a full “one way” system to the Bar and toilets is in operation in the pavilion and access to the Clubhouse is restricted to the toilets and beverage purchase. All changing rooms are to remain closed and locked and will only be available for limited match day use in line with ECB requirements.


Assess the arrangement of seating areas to maintain social distancing and minimise the risk of transmission.

As above, seating and tables will be laid to conform to social distancing guidance and regulations.


Consider your wet weather plans and describe what actions you will take to maintain social distancing in wet weather.

As per League requirements, players will need to return to their cars but we can provide some limited shelter beneath the Club scoreboard for the 2 captains and 2 umpires. All spectators or parents will need to make their own arrangements, however weather forecasts will be assessed before commencement of any matches, especially youth matches.


Social and Hospitality Areas


Plan to solicit and maintain records of your member attendance, customers and visitors - to be maintained for 21 days and then destroyed.

We will be maintaining a full paper register of all attendees to the Club and this is owned by the Bar Manager and retained behind the Bar. We will ask the opposition captain to provide a full list of the names of all players and guests and will retain such records for 21 days.


Identification of suitable areas for outdoor service that don’t overlap with cricket activity.

We will not be providing any outdoor service.


Steps taken to minimise time and the number of people at the bar.

We operate a one-way system with signage and floor markings including boxes and only 2 people will be on the premises, queuing for Bar service and only one person will be served at a time. All purchases are to be consumed outdoors only.


Steps taken to minimise contact points at payment or around the hospitality space.

Contactless payment is preferred but we can take cash if this is absolutely necessary. Contactless services are provided by I-Zettle and Square.


Suitable PPE provision and training for staff and volunteers.


Full PPE equipment, including full face masks , visors and gloves have been placed behind the Bar and volunteers have been instructed in the use of PPE and in the correct Covid-19 compliant procedures.


Strategy for the safe serving, clearing and cleaning of glassware and tableware.

We do not serve food. A plastic tray is provided outside for customers to place used glasses. Staff will take the full tray directly to the glass washer and load it into the washer without any contact with the glasses. A fresh glass is used for all dispensed beverages and disposable gloves will be used when collecting the plastic tray.


Deep cleaning strategy to minimise COVID-19 transmission risk


The toilets, Bar area and all tables and chairs will be fully cleaned by Bar Staff after each opening of the Clubhouse. In addition, a weekly clean of the Clubhouse will be completed by our cleaning contactors


Daily cleaning strategy to minimise COVID-19 transmission risk.


We will only open at weekends, but cleaning will be undertaken as outlined above


High-frequency touchpoint cleaning strategy to minimise COVID-19 transmission risk and how you will keep records.

Hand sanitizer stations are provided at all entry points and are also at other strategic points around the Clubhouse. Due to the low number of operatives on site, a verbal record will be maintained by the Bar Manager, who will be present at all Clubhouse openings.


Hygiene and Cleaning


Materials, PPE and training that you have provided to your staff for effective cleaning.

Yes - Hand sanitizer, face masks, gloves and cleaning materials available for all Bar staff.


Provision of hand washing facilities with warm water, soap, disposable towels and bin.

In place in all toilets.


Provision of suitable hand sanitiser in locations around the facility to maintain frequent hand sanitisation.

Covered above and hand sanitizer stations located at all entrances and also within Clubhouse.


Provision of suitable wipes and hand sanitiser on the field for hygiene breaks.

We require all players to bring their own, however captains/youth managers will be provided with sanitizer and wipes for each team.



What are the hazards?

Other venue hazards to be considered after temporary closure such as Legionnaire’s Disease, fire, electrical safety etc.


Who might be harmed?

Facility users, staff, volunteers and visitors


Controls required

Action Taken by the Club

Preparing Your Buildings


Consider the risk of Legionnaire’s disease and carry out necessary work to make your water supply safe for users. Refer to the specific guidance in the document above.

Shower facilities are not available and all other facilities are mains fed. The showers will be run for a period to flush through before being available for  use.


Check that routine maintenance has not been missed and certification is up to date (e.g. Gas safety, Electrical Safety and Portable Appliance Testing, Fire Safety, Lifts and Heating – Ventilation and Air Conditioning).

All up to date.

There is no air conditioning within the main building but there is a cold store cellar in place, however, access to this area is restricted to a minimum number of individuals and the system is not a recirculating system.


Check that your ground is ready and safe to play. Look at what work is required and how this can be done safely at a social distance.

Southend Borough Council is responsible for the ground, however, we are and will be in constant dialogue with SBC over the preparedness of the playing facilities




What are the hazards?

Vital first aid equipment is not available when needed. First aiders do not have adequate PPE to carry out first aid when required.


Who might be harmed?

First aiders, facility users, staff, volunteers and visitors


Controls required

Action Taken by the Club

First Aid


Check that your first aid kits are stocked and accessible during all activity.

Yes – 3 first aid kits are available within the Clubhouse and a further portable first aid kit is available for away youth matches and all up to date. We have a provision of face masks, visors and additional gloves are located behind the Bar. 


What steps have you taken to improve your first aiders’ understanding of first aid provision under COVID-19?

First aiders are all fully briefed and a further email reminder has just been sent. If someone shows symptoms, we will isolate the individual in an unused changing room and then advise he/she to return home and self-isolate for at least 7 days.


If you have an AED then check that it is in working order, service is up to date and that it is available during all activity.

The on-line website of the WEBNOS notification system is completed monthly and is up to date as of 5 July.


What are the hazards?

Pitches or outfield are unsafe to play on with chance of injury. Excessive litter that could pose a physical risk of injury or infection


Who might be harmed?

Players, officials, ground staff, youth members and general members of the public


Controls required

Action Taken by the Club

Preparing your Grounds


Safety checks on machinery, sightscreens and covers.

Southend Borough Council is responsible for this, however, we are and will be in constant dialogue with SBC over the preparedness of the playing facilities


Check and repair of any damage to pitches and outfields.

Southend Borough Council is responsible for this, however, we are and will be in constant dialogue with SBC over the preparedness of the playing facilities


Surfaces checked and watering regime adjusted based on lack of rainfall.

Southend Borough Council is responsible for this, however, we are and will be in constant dialogue with SBC over the preparedness of the playing facilities


What are the hazards?

Transmission of COVID-19


Who might be harmed?

Club Members, volunteers, opposition players and guests and the local community


Controls required

Action Taken by the Club


We have taken measures to protect our members as there is no access to non members.

The Bar Manager and Committee Members will refuse admission to anyone who is not a member. There is clear signage to reinforce that admission is only open to Club Members and guests of Club Members only.


As we move forwards standards start slipping and members begin ignoring guidance.

Regular communication and briefings of all key stakeholders, captains, committee members and youth managers will be held and any necessary changes implemented.,